Fade Away……

You stand right in front of me,

Looking wretched, devastated.

Your eyes a dull red,

Still traces of droplets on your cheeks.

I’ve never seen you like this before…….

I reach you and clasp you,

You keep standing still like a statue,

Lifeless, hollow, strangely hushed…..

Not a word do you say,

Looking at me with all the passion in your eyes,

You start stepping back,

Away, further away from my life.

I try to hold on to you,

But you slip away from me

Your blunt face, sadness etched upon every inch…..

You stare coldly at me, as you recede.

I shout, “No, don’t leave me please…..”

My voice don’t reach you,

You keep moving back, away from me

Fading into the eternal black.

I try to advance, try to reach you,

Try to stop you from wherever you’re going…..

But I’m incapable…….

Standing stiff, feeling fragile and feeble.

I sink to the cold, dark floor,

No more can I see you,

I lie on the ground, closing my eyes,

As sleep shrouds me, peace touching my life!



I hear a surprised voice with a tinge of mixed fear,

Murmuring in a low note…….”You have changed.”

A voice in which through all these years I’ve only heard aggression , greed and rage.

Yes…..I have changed.

I voice out my thoughts now, no longer hiding in my cell.

I take a stand for my deeds, no longer weak and unable.

I stare at you directly in your eyes, no longer afraid when your evil weapon strikes.

I fight back now, no longer dominated by your heinous, dark crimes.

Yes……I have changed……..

The change which will bring you to your end.

Your inflictions now have no effect on me,

I’m guarded against your torturous sins.

I have changed to show you

That a Girl is not an object……

She is not a thing to play with,

Not a machine to meet your devilish needs.

She is purity, subtle, and delicate,

But with an indomitable spirit inside.

She is beauty, tender, and softness,

But don’t take her for granted.

She is the epitome of love and care,

Respect her with all your grace.

She is the light, she is life,

Without her……no one can survive.

The Most Charming Creation of God…..

Your smile is the sunshine

For the flowers in my heart,

To blossom and bloom

After the pleasant shower.

Your eyes, my mirror

Reflecting the world’s haze,

A kaleidoscope of colours

A myriad of shades.

Your embrace, my heaven

Pulling me away from the crowd,

Holding me gently

Yet, so strong so stout.

Your lips, my sweetest heaven

Plush like a rose petal,

Soft and pure as ever always

Even angels mising their sweetness.

Your love, my heart,

My soul, my breathe,

More beautiful than this world,

Than anything he has ever made!

A letter from Heart……

Dear Love,

We all know you are just a small, four lettered word L-O-V-E, with an enormous meaning. That meaning, which no one, not even the greatest scholars of the past centuries have been able to explain clearly.

You are present in different forms I see- in an unconditional form between children and their parents, in a teasing and caring manner between brothers and sisters, in a weird and crazy form among friends and in a romantic and sweet fashion between a boy and a girl.

People have always told to accept you with an open heart, but at the same time, disrespected, abused, ruined you in one way or the other. Still today, you are sometimes considered to be a distraction, a hindrance in one’s path.

The strength, the motivation, that you give is beyond anything in this world. You, yourself , are the most beautiful feeling of this world. You are what this world is made up of….pure, innocent, beautiful, cherished Love. You make us see the good in others. Your presence is what makes us feel complete.

Please don’t ever fade away. Without you, it is all empty, dark, dead.

Yours lovingly,



I am like that bird, who knows how to fly, But is just too afraid to spread her wings in the sky.

I am like that bud, who is ready to blossom, But is hidden in the colours, not perceiving the light of the sun.

I am like that earth, who lives for the sake of others, But still tormented, tortured, ruined…….in spite of all it offers.

I am like that drop of water, pristine, meeting everyone’s thirst, But being wasted, polluted, as if I’m of no worth.

I am like that old house in the corner, standing with so many memories, Once brightly lit with laughter and music, now cobwebs and rats accompany me.

I am like that beautiful doll, with which you once used to play, Now covered in dust, with my scarred face and ragged frock, in the attic I lay.

I am like that diary, which you start to write with a lot of enthusiasm, But after a few pages, you forget that I am there to listen to your anguish, happiness and chazm.

I am like that ancient book on the shelf, which is only for show, No one knows what I want to say, no one reads me through.

I am like that serene pathway, once filled with chirping of birds, Now blinded and deafened by the lights and honking of cars.

I am the Girl, clogged up and caged in her four walls, Feeling like I’m in an exile in my own world. I’m dying everyday, every minute, every moment, Living for others, I’ve forgotten to live for myself. I’ve forgotten to chase my own dreams and wishes, The meaning of my life has ended being summed up in this PRISON.